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Tower crane hire across Australia

Cosmo Policies

Cosmo Cranes is code compliant with the National Code of Practice.

All tower cranes have the following performed before delivery to site:

  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • NDT
  • Crack test reports

Matrix Compliance Management has been engaged by Cosmo Cranes for the past 3 years, to assist with Occupational Health and Safety management.

Cosmo Cranes have requested development of site safety plans, various work method statements, including the installation of tower crane bases, erection of tower cranes, the operation of tower cranes, dismantle of tower cranes, the operation of mobile cranes, manual handling and working at heights.

All work method statements are developed in accordance with various Occupational Health and Safety Acts and Regulations, Australian Standards, National Standards and codes of practice such as:

  • NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000
  • NSW Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001
  • ACT Work Safety Act 2008
  • ACT Work Safety Regulation 2009
  • National Standard for Construction 2005
  • National Standard for Plant 1994
  • National Standard for Manual Handling 1990
  • AS 2550.1 2002. Cranes, Hoists and Winches – Safe Use. Part 1: General Requirements
  • AS 2550.4 2004. Cranes, Hoists and Winches – Safe Use. Part 4: Tower Cranes
  • NSW Safe Working At Heights Code of Practice 2006

All work method statements are reviewed and amended on a regular basis.


Barry Parson

National Compliance Manager

Matrix Compliance Management

ANNEXURE A Cosmo Cranes Policies

At Cosmo Cranes our health, safety, environment and community responsibilities are integral to the way we do business.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the effective implementation of our OHSE Policy and to continual improvement in our OHSE Performance. We have developed OHSE Management Processes in accordance with the requirements of applicable Legislation and nationally recognised Australian Standards

(AS/NZS 4801:2001 Safety Management Systems and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management)

Excellence in OHSE performance will be achieved through:

  • Complying with statutory requirements, relevant codes of practices, Australian standards and guidelines;
  • Establishing objectives and targets with the aim of eliminating work-related incidents in relation to our activities, products and services;
  • Defining roles and responsibilities for occupational health, safety and environment


  • Ensuring occupational health, safety and environmental management principals are included in all organisational planning activities;
  • Providing on-going education and training to our workers;
  • Consulting with workers and other parties to improve decision making on occupational health, safety and environment matters
  • Ensuring incidents are investigated and lessons are learnt within the organisation;
  • Distributing occupational health, safety and environment information, including this policy to all employees and interested parties;
  • Providing enough resources to ensure occupational health, safety and environment is a central part of the organisation;
  • Ensuring effective injury management and rehabilitation to all employees
  • In implementing this policy, we will engage with and support our employees, contractors and suppliers in sharing responsibility for meeting our requirements

This policy will be

In implementing this policy, we will engage with and support our employees, contractors and suppliers in sharing responsibility for meeting our requirements.

This policy will be reviewed annually in consultation with employees.

Cosmo Cranes is committed to delivering the highest quality product possible.

Our Commitment

In meeting this commitment we have developed Quality Management Processes that meets the nationally recognised standard (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems) and exceeds standard practice.

Our Actions

Our principal objectives are to:

  • Provide high-quality product at an extremely competitive price;
  • Ensure that client and customer requirements are met;
  • Produce building of the highest quality in an efficient and effective manner;
  • Ensure that schedules are maintained and surpassed;
  • Ensure that all technical documentation and specifications are of the highest possible quality and accuracy;
  • Manage all external and internal correspondence, documentation and communications efficiently;
  • Ensure that all legal requirements are met;
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of the OHSE and QA Plan;
  • Monitor and measure compliance with the OHSE and QA Plan;
  • Enable a safe, happy and productive workplace for all workers.

In implementing this policy, we will engage with and support our employees, contractors and suppliers in sharing responsibility for meeting our requirements.

ANNEXURE B Cosmo Cranes Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Manager is responsible for OHSE and Quality at the workplace and duties include:
  • Implementing the OHSE & QA Plan
  • Using the Hierarchy of Controls in all design, fabrication and construct activities to minimise OHSE risks;
  • Communicating with the Principal Contractor (PC) to reduce risks;
  • Being a part of the planning and design stages of trade activities;
  • Establish or validate the specific customer requirements regarding product quality and accurately communicate these to all relevant personnel;
  • Ensure that the OHSE and QA Plan is prepared for each project that establishes all relevant criteria with respect to customer and contract requirements;
  • Deciding when training on OHE and QA is required;
  • Leading by example and promoting sound OHSE and Quality practices at every opportunity;
  • Ensuring safe equipment and plant is provided and maintained;
  • Reviewing OHSE reports and inspections, and following up on recommendations;
  • Coordinating incident investigations and reporting to the controller of the workplace and relevant authorities as required;
  • Coordinating OHSE meetings and programs;
  • Monitoring compliance with the OHSE and QA plan, including Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Environmental Control Plans (ECP’s) and Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs);
  • Assisting injured employees to return to their pre-­‐injury duties as soon as practicable after a work-related injury;
  • Ensure that material and assemblies are at all times handled and stored with due regard to preserving quality and preventing non-­‐conformances;
  • Monthly update of program of works and prepare and submit monthly report on status at end of each month;
  • Conduct an annual review of the OHSE & QA Plan to ensure its continuing suitability
  • The Site Supervisor is responsible for OHSE & QA on the project and duties include:
  • Implementing the OHSE &QA Plan;
  • Making sure that work activities are carried out in a safe and environmentally sound manner;
  • Planning to do all work safely including any interface with other work activities;
  • Providing advice and assistance on OHSE and QA matters to workers;
  • Being part of the planning and design stages of trade activities;
  • Deciding when training on OHSE and QA is required;
  • Actioning OHSE and QA reports and carrying out workplace inspections;
  • Coordinating OHSE and QA meetings and programs;
  • Assisting with the preparation of SWMS, ECPs and ITPs for the project activities;
  • Investigating hazard reports and ensuring that they are completed and corrective actions are undertaken;
  • Carrying out project inductions, Toolbox talks and team meetings – participating in site safety walks if in place on site;
  • Participating in incident investigations;
  • Adhere to all specified construction documentation supplied by the Manager;
  • Coordinate with other site contractors and the Superintendent’s Representative to ensure timely work schedules are achieved and that the project is completed on time;
  • Leading by example and promoting OHSE at every opportunity;
  • Undertaking inspection of the contracted or planned works to ensure that OHSE and QA control measures are implemented and effective;
  • Maintain records of quality, environmental and safety violations, corrective actions taken, and follow-­‐up activities;
  • Other duties as directed by the Manager.
  • Are responsible for the following:
  • Working in a safe manner without risk to themselves, others, property or the environment;
  • Complying with the OHSE and QA Plan including all SWMS, ECPs and applicable ITPs (if in place);
  • Reporting all incidents to the work Supervisor;
  • Reporting all injuries and illnesses to the designated First Aid Officer;
  • Reporting any OHSE hazards to the work Supervisor;
  • Providing suggestion, through agreed consultation methods, on how to improve OHSE issues;
  • Seeking assistance if unsure of OHSE rules;
  • Reporting any faulty tools or plant to the work Supervisor;
  • Complying with site rules;
  • Do not remove or interfere with anything that has been provided in the interest of health and safety in the workplace.
  • Do not engage in any of the prescribed occupations as listed in legislation unless the relevant certificates or permits are held.
  • Correctly using all personal protective equipment;
  • Complying with emergency and evacuation procedures;
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