Cosmo Cranes – Safety number one

Working with cranes demands the highest level of attention to safety. Some potential risks that can arise with cranes include:

  • Falling objects – If there is not enough clearance for the cranes, they may lose control of their load. Cosmo Cranes ensures this risk is managed by creating an exclusion zone around the work area.
  • Crane collapse – Cranes may also face the risk of toppling if inadequately set up or encountering high winds. To prevent this, Cosmo Cranes consider a range of factors from adjusting to environmental conditions to using outriggers.
  • Collision – An exclusion zone needs to be created to ensure the crane does not collide with buildings, pedestrians and workers
  • Structural failure – if a crane is not maintained accurately, the crane may not be able to stand up to the loads it has to handle. To prevent structural failures, Cosmo Cranes make sure to conduct routine inspections and promptly attend to any maintenance that is required.
  • Topple due to material overload or imbalance – Cosmo Cranes ensure that all load limits are adhered to and ground stability is assessed.

Cosmo Cranes have made safety our top priority, ensuring that all aspects of the crane hire and operation process is completely safe for our customers. This includes regularly maintaining our fleet of cranes, ensuring that all our operators are trained to the latest safety standards, and carrying out all our work with care and attention. By having a certified operator handle the crane that you have hired, requiring all our riggers to be properly trained in setting up the crane, inspecting the crane regularly to look for any defects and understanding the ground that the crane stands on to ensure there is no risk of instability.

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