Cosmo Cranes covers all bases with mobile, tower cranes and crane decks.

Cosmo Cranes pride ourselves on the range of services and equipment we provide to Sydney locals, with a particular focus on mobile cranes, tower cranes and crane decks. Our fleet of cranes undergo maintenance at regular intervals, meaning you can be sure that they’re perfectly safe and functional!

Our mobile cranes are perfect for restrictive spaces, with our operators expertly navigating into the trickiest nooks and crannies at your worksite. Thanks to our all-wheel-drive and multi-steer vehicles, we can squeeze our mobile cranes into any space you require. If you’ve got a tricky worksite on your hands, Cosmo Cranes will be able to meet your construction goals.

Another one of our most in-demand vehicles is our tower cranes. For those with lofty ambitions, Cosmo Cranes can even provide specialist tower cranes that meet your exact height requirements.

Another integral part of crane machinery that Cosmo Cranes are proud to provide are crane decks. All our crane decks are manufactured in Australia, meaning you can be sure they will be of the highest possible quality.

In addition to providing the aforementioned equipment, Cosmo Cranes can also provide trained personnel to carry out the task for you, as well as maintenance and servicing for your own fleet of cranes.

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