Cosmo Cranes getting the job done with quality customer satisfaction.

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Over our 15 year history, Cosmo Cranes have exceeded our customers’ expectations when it comes to our service and the quality of our products. As a family owned business, Cosmo Cranes ensure that the quality of our service is always impeccable. In fact, we make sure that all our long-term customers feel like they’re part

Cosmo Cranes – Safety number one

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Working with cranes demands the highest level of attention to safety. Some potential risks that can arise with cranes include: Falling objects – If there is not enough clearance for the cranes, they may lose control of their load. Cosmo Cranes ensures this risk is managed by creating an exclusion zone around the work area.

Cosmo Cranes covers all bases with mobile, tower cranes and crane decks.

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Cosmo Cranes pride ourselves on the range of services and equipment we provide to Sydney locals, with a particular focus on mobile cranes, tower cranes and crane decks. Our fleet of cranes undergo maintenance at regular intervals, meaning you can be sure that they’re perfectly safe and functional! Our mobile cranes are perfect for restrictive

Cosmo Cranes marks 15 years in the industry

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Cosmo Cranes has been in operation since 2003, now hitting our 15-year mark in the industry.  Since the beginning, we have established ourselves as one of the leading crane operators, prioritising safety, customer service and efficiency. After all, being a local family-owned business means that we are personally invested in our work in a way